PA Medium Kit


Hire – PA Medium Kit

Our PA medium kit is suitable for disco, community events, large meetings, pub bands, small stages etc.


Cost Per Day

£100 per day (includes delivery & collection)


This includes the following package:

2 x PA Speakers & Speaker Cables (Standard minimum length is 3m)
1 x PA amplifier
2 x Audio Cables – PA amplifier to Mixer (Standard minimum length is 5m)
1 x Audio Mixer & power supply (min 6 channels) (please contact us for requirements and type availability)
1 x Audio cable (PA Mixer to 3.5mm – standard laptop/phone audio socket)
1 x Microphone & Cable (wired microphone – Standard minimum cable length is 3m)

Note: Longer cable lengths are available upon request and may incur a small additional fee.


Power Requirements

Each PA amplifier and mixer requires a standard 13 amp power socket (standard 1.5m power cable included).


Additional Notes

Some basic audio system knowledge is required to setup and operate this PA system by yourself. If you need, basic instructions will be provided when the equipment is delivered to you. So feel free ask our Technician who delivers this system to you. For an additional fee you can Hire A Sound Engineer.

Our terms and conditions of hire can be found here.


Note: If you wish us to setup the PA equipment and take it down after, there is an additional charge of £20, as the above price does not include any setup/take down costs. To provide a Sound Engineer during the event to operate this system is charged at £20/hour.