Cables & Accessories


Additional Equipment Hire Costs (per item / per day) 


Audio Cables

20 Way Stage Snake (XLR Inputs Only)  (30m) £30 

Microphone XLR cable (3m minimum) £2

Microphone XLR cable (10m minimum) £5

Twin 6.35mm Jack to 3.5mm audio cable (2m minimum) £2 

Jack to Jack audio cable mono (1m) £2


Power Cables

Standard IEC Power cable £2

Standard IEC extension cable (2m) £2

4 way power extension cable £3

Mains extension cable (5m minimum) £3

Mains extension cable (15m) £5


Microphones / Accessories

Microphone £5

Microphone Stand £5

Wireless Microphone Battery £2



Speaker Stands (suitable for our Medium kit only – includes 2 stands) £5

Mixer (min 6 channels) £30

Feedback killer (inc power and 2 XLR) £10


Engineer Time

Engineer time – on site (per hour) £15



Note : Additional equipment can be supplied (at extra cost) please contact us with your requirements.  If you need to hire a cable of any type, please ensure that you know the length required.