Our Story

Back in the early nighties, while I was working as a Sound Engineer in a theatre, my manager used to take me to other gigs (events, he was covering as a freelance Sound Engineer), so I fell in love with the word of sound and surrounding technics. It’s an amazing world with amazing people and sound technics. That’s how I discover, I had a good ear for the job.

Let me tell you a true and funny story. A 40-member symphonic orchestra was rehearsing on the stage, while we were in the sound room, behind the auditorium, me standing with my back to the stage, my manager standing opposite to me, while we chatted away. Out of the blue I just told him, it sounds like there are 6 violins playing. To check, he leaned to the side, as I was taking up his view, and counted the moving bows… He was surprised about the accuracy and asked me: “How … did you do that?!” I turned around, counted the bows the same way and I was surprised about my accuracy, as he was. I just answered: “Just like this!”… After this I became his right-hand man. I’ve got other stories to tell you, but that’s for another day… Even in those days I wanted to own my own PA kit, but unfortunately couldn’t afford it.

8 years later I met someone who operated a party and karaoke service and he offered to join him as a partner. It wasn’t a question if I wanted jump on this amazing bandwagon! I turned into a karaoke presenter, worked again with sound and PA systems. I had the opportunity to meet with different bands, we built a disco for a famous retro DJ as well (3 halls with 3 different kind of music) and did all sorts of other jobs. Unfortunately, due to circumstances I could not continue. To keep this long story short, my career in sound was yet again, put on hold.

In the early 2013 I had the opportunity to get back to presenting karaoke, when I met a DJ at a party, who offered me to join him at the next party as a presenter. This gave me another opportunity to get back to my favourite job, if only for a few hours, but it was well worth it!

In 2018, just like a “sign from above”, I have decided the time has come to not just dream about it, but do something, in order to make my dreams a reality – I have set up my own PA and sound business, in order to give the best, precious and friendly service for the folks of Stoke-on-Trent.